Ben Chandler
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 6th" district of the state of Kentucky affiliate.79

Ben Chandler (D-KY), plotting how he will destroy Kentucky's Sixth Congressional District

Ben Chandler
is a Blue Dog Democrat, and the Representative for Kentucky's 6th Congressional District. Chandler was first elected to his seat in 2004, and marked the beginning of the "Blue Doggies Club" strategery of running Republican-like Democrats in key Red State races.

Ben Chandler is also the grandson of "Happy" Chandler, the extremely popular, confusingly anti-and-pro-racist former Kentucky Governor, U.S. Senator, and Baseball Commissioner. We can only wonder whether Ben will follow his grandfather's legacy of (perhaps accidentally?) promoting social change while denying the existence of social ills.

Currently Ben Chandler faces re-election against Tea Party favorite Andy Barr and Write-In Independent Randolph Vance.

Randolph Vance for Congress 2010

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