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Colbert's ancestor. You can see the resemblence, right? If not, you must be gay.

Beethoven was the greatest composer of music the world has ever seen outside of Stephen Colbert, from "Stephen and the Colberts."

Though many claim that he was an Austrian whose first name was "Ludwig," it was actually Michael, and his last name, "Beethoven," has been mistransliterated over the years, it is really "Colbert," and he was Stephen's great-great grandfather.

Most people claim that Beethoven is German. This is untrue. Beethoven was born in America, but then abducted by the Germans because everyone knows only real Americans can be talented at music.


Beethoven composed a lot of symphonies, sonatas, and more stuff that is in Italian; so that's why I'm not going to go further.

  • It is also obvious Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 "Choral" is an obvious tribute to Stephen Colbert. It is by far, the best and most honorable of tributes given to Stephen Colbert, in music form, of course.
  • Beethoven composed over 400 works, eat it hippie bands!


Beethoven only wrote one opera; Fidelio (Opus. 72). It tells a story of Stephen Colbert's life, but for certain reason's Colbert's character is called "Fidelio."


Beethoven died because of unkown causes, his last words are assumed to be, "God Bless America!"

He was, many years later, reincarnated in the form of Roger Waters.

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