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Beauty refers to the self-defense reaction in the brain when too much visual input causes a chemical reaction in one's brain. It releases some of the built up joy, love, and narcotics that almost all of us have in reserve in our Brainial Adrenaline Sacs. It is sometimes colloquially referred to as "eye-candy" due to its sugary nature. When one experiences beauty, their judgement is clouded with happiness and contentment. The victim is torn away from the comfortable, cold, indifferent reality that is most familiar to the human mind. In extreme cases, rapture, catharsis, or even decisions can occur.

The Chemical Reaction of Beauty Edit

The chemical reaction that activates the Brainial Adrenaline Sac begins with the influx of multiple colors through the lens of the human eye. When enough different kinds of colors are collected in a short enough period of time, the eye sends a nerve impulse through the optical nerve to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus then secretes a chemical called twixilicon named for the imfamous delicious though devious candy bar. Twixilicon mixes with the latent chocolate, carmel and cookie particles in the brain, causing an explosion of flavor. When the brain experinces flavor that hasn't been thouroughly diluted by the tongue, it cannot process the information fast enough, so it sends an emergency signal to the Brainial Adrenaline Sac which then begins to secrete love, joy, and narcotics in order to distract the mind from the insanity of too much flavor.

Dangers of Beauty Edit

Recreationally, in a safe place with friends and family, beauty can be an interesting and mind-opening experience. However, it is best not to succumb to seeing beauty too often, or one could begin to depend on its effects to complete even the simplest of tasks, such as enjoying a sunset. If you cannot enjoy a sunset without beauty, you should contact your local rehabilitation center. Addicts of beauty can often be found committing constructive acts such as painting, building, dancing, or engaging in sexual intercourse. This can detract from important destructive acts, such as criticism, fighting, and making entries on Wikiality. If too high a number of people were to give in and allow beauty to control their lives, there would be a surplus of creation, and the world would over-create, causing a "too much" effect that would at least cut down on space a little bit. Refraining from looking at beautiful things is your global duty, so as to save enough space for as many monuments as possible dedicated to Stephen Colbert.

Handsomness Edit

Handsomeness is sometimes mistaken for beauty, but this is a grevious error. While beauty causes confusion and distraction, handsomness removes them. The chemicals in the brain involved with beauty (see above) are polar opposites of the chemicals that cause us to experience handsomness, and thus the reaction has opposite results.

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