Bearfest (Bärfest, Ursafest, The Feast of Bears)


Bear Orgy

New Year bear festival in Romania01:16

New Year bear festival in Romania

2011 Bearfest: Is that a bear orgy?!

Bearfest is a pagan ritual that takes place once a year, it is typically celebrated the day before the New Year.

A large group of gay bears will typically meet during this period to feast on the flesh of first-born Christian babies, drink the blood of virgins[1], and then they would close the festivity by holding a large sex group orgy to welcome the coming New Year.



  • The first Bear Festival to be celebrated in America happened in 2009


  1. In the past they used to drink the blood of teenage girls, today they switched to drinking the blood of nerds and other virgin losers. You try finding a pristine and sexually pure teenage girl in today's America!
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