Hello, Kitty
Hello, Bearcat
Asian and very good at math.

Actual image--this is not a doctored image. Bearcats really do look this evil. (also shown: the bearcat's ever charming and often imitated dual cowlicks)

The Bearcat is yet another fucked up animal. Little mother fucker has the life by the balls.

Tools Of DestructionEdit

Any Chinaman that is fortunate enough to survive a bearcat attack will tell you that they never saw the beast until it was too late. The Bearcat's fluid movements and incredible intelligence allow it to stalk it's prey undetected.

Along with the Panda Bear, the bearcat is one of the strongest creatures on the continent of China. It took 13,294 Chinamen to create a stalemate with one bearcat in last years annual "Bearcat-Chinese Tug of War contest". Like every other year, the contest was eventually won by the bearcats. Also like every other year the prize for winning was ruthlessly eating the opposing team.

When a bearcat cannot use its incredible agility or strength to its advantage, it will use the same tactic the basic house cat uses to charm its owner, their cute little whiskers. No one can resist the allure of whiskers.

Where They LiveEdit

Wherever they want to be. Don't worry about it.

What They EatEdit

You could say Bearcats eat "Chinese Food". You could also say they eat "Bearcat Chow", which is a combination of sluts by the name of Angela and coleslaw. Like all bears (including hybrid bears), bearcats dine on human flesh. Living in China these beasts are so skilled in hunting their prey, they are with one exception, the number one killer of people in China. That exception being, of course, their communist government.

College with an Anti-Bearcat agendaEdit

  • Whitman College, Home of the Missionaries that eat Bearcats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Bearcats were made when the Council of Doom took two cats and exposed them to seven times the lethal amount of radiation and shot them at a bear with a custom made slingshot. The cats flew through the bear and became what is now known as Bearcats.

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Bearcat is in Wikiality's Animal Perdition

This horrid beast will spend eternity wandering the vitriolous wastelands of Utah.

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