"Bear Brainwashing"
is an Official "Lover of Immoral Bears" (LiB) Site™

You didn't know they could do that did you? >:(

The means by which bears control the world. Through this they are able to convince people that they are just dumb beasts who don't know any better. They do this in multiple ways. A tin foil hat is required to prevent brainwashing.

Signs That You May Have Been Brainwashed By BearsEdit

-You eat tofu

-Your a queer

-Your a communist

-Your a liberal

-Your an atheist

-Your a gaytheist

-You would sleep with Michael Moore

-You hate America

-You worship Mao's dong

-Your anything un-Stephen

How To Be Cured From Bear BrainwashingEdit

One way to be cured is by watching the Colbert Report non stop. Buy as many things Stephen as possible. Reading the Bible helps as well.

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