Battle of Vimy Ridge
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.

"The Battle of Vimy Ridge"

  • Years Waged:Never- Never
  • Geographic Region: "Europe"
  • Winner:"Canada"
  • Loser:???
Winner #1


Loser #2


Winning Side #1

Hockey Sticks

Loser Side #2

Imaginary Guns

Winning Side #1


Loser Side #2

0.00001 (One person was mentally scarred)

An imaginary battle that some Canadians with their liberal tactics will tell you is real (But don't say this to the "Veterans" as they've been brainwashed into thinking they're important). The reason it is not real is George W. Bush wasn't involved in it, so it must be Unamerican, and therefore, unreal (Eg. Africa, Britain). It is also to aid Canada's quest to be better than the U.S.A. (like the "Canadian Dollar" being higher than the Greenback. Bullshit.

Location of 'Vimy Ridge'Edit


Map showing mythical location of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

It's Like Eldorado, doesn't exist, but searched for by millions.

Legacy Edit

Americans would have fought this battle, but were too busy eating cheeseburgers! The battle never happened anyways, it was just made up by the crazy Canucks. Still though, at the time, Americans were eating their delicious cheeseburgers while the rest of the world was in a phoney war named WWI!

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