The Battle of Hindsight is the kind of battles that our GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER! fights and wins, everyday! Even whilst godless sodomites like Nancy Pelosi and other horrible Democrats stand in his way, our God fearing President uses his God-given powers to beat them every time.

Iraq Edit


Thanks to excellent hindsight, our GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER! has succeeded in bringing civilisation to the Iraqis.

Our GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER! saw in advance how bringing freedom to the starving people of Iraq would help make the world a much better place. He also saw that the Iraqis would be so pleased with the liberation that 3000 soldiers would be killed by too much flowers and candy be rained upon them and believed that it was worth the risk, which it was and still is. No matter what.

Katrina Edit


New Orleans citizens happy again!

The GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER! has once again show his aptitude in these matters by adequatley preparing the sea walls for an invasion of sharks and the deadly tsunamis that they once in a while give. Unfortunately, Liberals tried to and succeeded in demolishing the sea walls... oh well...

...Re-construction of New Orleans Edit




No worries! The Greatest President ever (lost its meaning? No!) has many tricks up his sleave and rapidly finished re-construction in 2007. Or 2006. I can't remember, all that matters is that he cares about black people damn it.

It should also be noted that the bumber of Black friends has increased from 7 to 8 as a result.

Vetoing Iraq war terror aid Edit


The President talks to God before turning around to make his decision

The GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER! used his hindsight yet again by defeating the surrendery Democrats and vetoing that bill. No we can kill all the terrorists at will! Yeah!

Superpowers? Edit


So I think...we should liberate 'dem all.

It is well known that the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER! has many superpowers. Being the leader of the only superpower naturally ensures that God gives the leader of God's party God-given powers. It makes sense, except to evil people like Nancy Pelosi, who dare to be smitted.


The GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER! uses his gut to forsee many dark democratic lies and correct them with honest, American Republican...stuff...

Visit by the Queen Edit


No its not your country any more. Stop waving.

The GREATEST PRESDENT EVER! gave a wonderfully warm welcome to the undisputed Queen of all things Inglesh by cleverly reiterated well known facts, like that the Queen is 230 years old.

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