We've got spirit, YES WE DO!!
We've got spirit, how 'bout


A basketball player

Bird 2003 2

Larry Bird: "I enjoyed helping Stephen understand the joys of Hiphop in Basketball

Basketball is a sport ruled by the black man and that tall Chinese guy. Canadians claim that they invented it but hey, who cares about Canada? It was actually created in Africa and was brought over on the slave ships to America. We wanted it here and we got it because when an American wants something we get it.

Basketball is a game in which a team of five Americans trounce a team of five foreigners every year without exception in both The Olympics and The International Games and the San Antonio Spurs. Basketball's cultural crumbelievability is such that in an effort to reach the disenfranchised youth of America[1]

Dr. Stephen Colbert examined the cultural ties between basketball, jazz and Hippity-hop in his documentary Stephen Colbert's Hiphopketball: A Jazzebration. This idea is said to have been appropriated by Kareem Abdul Jabaar for use in his own documentary, which has yet to be produced. In essence, without hiphop or black people basketball would not exist.

The ball used in the sport may or may not be made from babies.

Canadian BasketballEdit


The style of play Steve Nash learned aboot

Canadians try to do everything Americans do, but adapted for their frozen wasteland. When they stole basketball from America, it became unrecognizable:

  • instead of a ball, they just roll up a beaver
  • everyone wears RCMP uniforms
  • they use ice fishing holes for baskets
  • maple syrup is their gatorade


Basketball is a black sport, meant only for black people. Be black or be Foreign. Your mom


Although really good white people are called "white chocolate".


  1. who would not be so disenfranchised if they would only get jobs at the local McDonald's, and stop stickin' it to the man and smokin' their marijuana doobies

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