Basil is a Series of Tubes sensation and Tennessee Republican gubernatorial candidate who seems to have a promising political career!


Red State Update Interviews Basil Marceaux07:21

Red State Update Interviews Basil Marceaux

Red State throws their full support on Basil
  • Freedmen Bureau Agent
  • Military Veteran and Ex-Marine extraordinary
  • Political Genius
  • MacGuyver's Apprentice

Political AgendaEdit

  • Fine $10 to anyone who lacks a gun in their possession (retards will be excluded)
  • Kill Lindsay Lohan because her career is already dead (more like in life support, really)
  • Criminal Immunity from the law for anyone who votes for him[1]
  • A nutcase[2] has the right to own a gun
  • Cancel Thanksgiving. Without the Injuns there wouldnt be a thanksgiving and since Injuns are extinct[3] we cant possibly have a Real Thanksgiving until we find one.
  • Set up traps[4] to stop the wave of illegal immigration, these Mexicans are fast as Speedy Gonzales.
  • He will stop the Federal Government from passing laws that forces women to go topless[5]

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  1. It is a first come first serve basis, and of course Basil reserves the right to be first
  2. On behalf of all the heavily armed mentally ill, I thank you, sir, and for using the more sensitive, politically correct term, nutcases. You seem to know a lot about nutcases
  3. We could bring more Injuns by importing them from Asia or Greece
  4. His Trap Policy is based on the MacGruber Platform
  5. Unless they are hot, then we can negotiate.

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