Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

An internets tube filthed up by liberal lies and hate for The Greatest President Ever!

The Baby Jesus frowns and then cries when The Baby Satan forces their Head Start class to visit that webpage with all its pictures and cartoons mocking the Republican Base.


Mr. Cop tries to provide what he calls "news" to his "readers" but it does not compare to's news, which is chock-full of truthiness while Mr. Cop uses facts.



The type of abominations posted on

Our Glorious Stephen has stated his displeasure with cartoons, so why does Mr. Cop post them?

Does Mr. Cop not know what is American?

Does Mr. Cop not know what pleases The Baby Jesus?

Apparently not.

In the spirit of full disclosure, will provide an example of what Mr. Cop considers "funny".

"Monkey" MailEdit

Mr. Cop throws liberal feces into the face of God himself when he posts alleged correspondence with Real Americans.

He edits all of them to appear ridiculous and incoherent. And he encourages his "readers" to laugh and laugh by putting pictures of monkeys throughout.

Oh, ha, ha, Mr. Cop. A picture of a monkey, how gauche.

Bartcop RadioEdit

Mr. Cop also offers his readers an opportunity to feed and clothe the hippie, by offering "radio programs" for purchase or rental.

In the programs, Mr. Cop (or some poor schlub) prattles on and on about how good liberals are and how bad The Greatest President Ever is.

But, he has never been able to answer his critics who ask: "If George W. Bush is The Greatest President Ever, then how can he be wrong?"

External LinkEdit

has its own Satanic tube of the internets.

Don't clog it!!!

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