The Native American Banshee. Do not stare into her eyes!

Banshee (Banshee Widow) is a demonic creature from the Depths of Hell that has a beef against Ichabod Crane.

The banshee could take whatever form it chooses and it would often appear as the form of a young attractive woman or even a tv/radio personality.

Their piercing wail can be described as:

  1. the sound of two boards being struck together
  2. a thin, screeching sound somewhere between the wail of a woman and the moan of an owl
  3. the banal tantrum rants of a lunatic.

Types of BansheesEdit

Colbert-ingraham-cropped-proto-custom 2

Stephen Colbert staring into the eyes of the Native American Banshee

There are two types of Banshees:

The Liberal Banshee (Celtic Origin)
Warns people when a loved one might be dying, which spoils the surprise.

The Real American Banshee (Native American Origin)
Warns people when a socialist/mooslim is going to take over the government.

Native Americans find the word offensive, so never use it in present company. Even if they tell you that the word is not offensive to Scottish and the Irish

See AlsoEdit

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