Bald Eagle (band)
has nothing to do with Dr. Colbert! Fix it, or it will be Dead To Me and Stephen!
Discuss why Bald Eagle (band) should not be deleted here.

Stephen Colbert, the great American that he is, is ignoring a crisis in this nation. Colbert has yet to find any band to rock hard enough to make them the official band of the Colbert Report. However, Colbert is also ignoring a band that is made for the show, a band that worships him, a band that is truly American, a band that knows how to rock, a band named Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle is a rock band from Columbia Missouri that is going to be the official band of the Colbert Report.

The band created a website in hopes of capturing Stephen's attention, and on the site there is a link to the petition they have going to make them the official band of the report.

Bald Eagle wears the WristStrong bracelet to show support for this American hero, and would like to challenge Mr. Stephen Colbert to find any other band more equipped to rock the Colbert Report.

Stephen has yet to acknowledge the band and has therefore been placed on notice by Bald Eagle. Until Colbert wakes up and realizes only a band with a name like Bald Eagle can be the official band of the Colbert Report, then Bald Eagle will begin to go after Mr. Colbert. Protesting at his book tour, watching the show to get dirt on his background, and sending him care packages filled with fun stuff. That is right Stephen, Bald Eagle will not give up and will flatter you until you give in.

So, does Stephen Colbert have the balls to put Bald Eagle on the show, or is he just another pinko commie?

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