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Baker's Dozen - [Ba-KUHZ Duh-Zin]

  1. An artificial term that provides a perceived notion of actual quantity. A term originally created by the liberal media to distract Americans from the threat of bears. These godless killing machines have also infiltrated American colloquialism to confuse America in preparation for their oncoming slaughter. There is no actual quantitative definition to "Baker's Dozen", but it is alleged that it is also a code word for the impending Holocaust.

The term can also be traced back to the BIBLE, under Revelations. "To thee a Baker's Dozen you will be, his lordship smiteth upon...." [p.24536]

Proper Use -- "I think there's a Baker's Dozen that going to be happening" "Wow things are going bad, it is like a Baker's Dozen is coming"

"Baker's Dozen"
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