Baghdad Bloggers
is something Middle-eastern,
which may or may not be very explosive.
America's Party and The Greatest President Ever succeeded when major combat operations were declared successful 3 years ago and they are still succeeding today!

But, the liberal media are ignoring all good news coming out of Iraq.

Please help Real Americans feel the reality on the ground in Iraq by checking your email for messages from the famous "Baghdad Bloggers" the intrepid Iraqis who post on the internets about how wonderful things are in their entire country, and not just secluded areas of Baghdad like the liberal media wants everyone to believe.

Cheney baghdad dick

Good news, we brings, there are no insurgents in Iraq"…

Post Good Blog News From Baghdad Below!Edit

  • the markets are now open
  • the streets are clean
  • my electricity runs all the time
  • my neighborhood is very very silent. In parts, it is safer than cities of the Michigan.
  • "Last week, Mr. Petraeus pulled up in an unarmored humvee unicycle and we played baseball in the streets for hours. We had mutual enjoyment." - JassimAli7884
  • dentistry is not considered a necessary skill for jihad so I have plenty of time to blog
  • Baghdad University's women's basketball team does not have one nappy-headed ho

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