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Badlands National Park
is one of the ways God Blessed America.


What Is Badlands National Park?Edit

How Was Badlands National Park Created?Edit

Where Is Badlands National Park Located?Edit

How Can Americans Enjoy Badlands National Park?Edit

Badlands National Park Fun FactsEdit

  • Geronimo and his Dog Soldiers disappeared into the Badlands in 1885.
  • It was said that Capt. Henry Lawton captured him in 1886. Which is not Truthy. The Badlands is full of Bears. Which being expert Bear Hunters of America, Dog Soldiers consider more delicious than Picanic Baskets. They are well fed and healthy.
  • And the Cavalry is Still looking for Geronimo in there... Somewhere...

Oh No!
Badlands National Park
needs help fast!
Quick! Someone call the cavalry!

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