Back Off, Old Man!

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"Back Off, Old Man!"
was featured by Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. on "The Wørd" segment of "The Colbert Report"
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I am an adult now; you are not the boss of me!

I don't have to justify my actions to you!

And you are going to have to get used to it!

You don't make the rules.

Don't try to fit me into a little box... I'm sorry I didn't get the grades you wanted me to... I'm sorry I was not captain of the baseball team...

But listen up, I've done things you'll never do!

I may make mistakes, but they're my mistakes, and I pay the consequences.

You're just jealous I'm realizing dreams you gave up on!

I have my own dreams.

You think you're a big man? Well, I hate you and so does every one I know.

You know what? I wish I was adopted.

No matter what you think, I don't need your help!

So, back off, old man!

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