General Information
Average Lifespan:

males- 2 years

females - forever

Average Height:

males - 4 feet

females - 3 feet

Average Butt Color: 6. YES 6 IS A COLOR
Estimated Population
In The Wild: Enough
In Captivity: Too many

Breeds Of BaboonsEdit

Zoologists agree on three main breeds of baboon: Hamadryas, Monkey, and Kitten.

Baboon PartsEdit




Baboon's Place On The FoodchainEdit

Below Humans

What Baboons EatEdit

Mainly leaves, injured puppies (not puppies they injure, only ones that they found that way), cripples, fish tacos, stale graham crackers, erasers, and tuna caseroles.

What Eats BaboonsEdit

Rosie O'Donnell, crocodiles, cranky giraffes, siamese twins, and sharks.




Uses For BaboonsEdit

Source Of Comedy For Other Animals Due To Their ButtsEdit

Provide Medical Spare Parts For Deserving HumansEdit

  • Dr. Stephen Colbert has one to protect his heartEpisode #478

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