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Babe Ruth
is Very Manly™.

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Babe Ruth often hit baseballs 800 ft. while drunk.

Babe Ruth was the greatest damn baseball player to ever live on the face of the Earth. He played primarily for the New York Yankees, but started his career with the Chicago Cubs. He left the Cubs after it was revealed to him that they would not win the World Series for the next 250 years.

Ruth's Records and AccomplishmentsEdit


The 13 foot-tall Babe Ruth next to his fully grown daughter Dorthy.

  • Hit 714 home runs in his career, a record to this day*.
  • Has had more nicknames than any other baseball player ever. They include: "The Sultan of Swat", "George Herman Ruth Jr.", "The King of Crash", "The Colosus of Clout", "The Babe", "the Wali of Wallop", "the Rajah of Rap", "the Caliph of Clout", "the Wazir of Wham", The Colossus of Clout, Maharajah of Mash, "The Behemoth of Bust", "The King of Clout." and the "The Great Bambino". That's almost a fourth as many nicknames as Jesus.
  • Was a faithful husband to whomever he was married to at any given time.
  • Has a candy bar named after himself.

Ruth's LowlightsEdit

  • Had a career batting average of .342, meaning he did his job less than 35% of the time.
  • Ruth lost the 1926 World Series by getting caught stealing second base with 2 outs in the 9th inning during game embarrassing.
  • Foolishly tried pitching in the beginning of his career, when it is well known that all he could do is hit home runs (not that there is anything wrong with that).
Babe Ruth is an American Legend™
Not quite as legendary as Stephen, but we can't all be King of Balls™

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