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The Blessed Virgin Mother recognizes
BVM Sponsorship Opportunities
as part of The One True Church.

Mayors! Town Councils! Don't let your town go to pot!


Exclusive book offer shows you how to save your town and bring in the pilgrimage dollars that you've been missing.

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Millions visit towns graced by Our Lady

Places that have been blessed by a personal appearance from Our Lady have experienced tremendous tourist pilgrimage growth.

We show you how to get in on the indulgences.

Don't miss out!


Blessed towns

Fatima, Portugal


Crawford, Texas


Lourdes, France


Guadalupe, Mexico


Butte, Montana

Emotions, things, states of mind sponsored by Our Lady:
  • Sorrows
  • Consolation
  • Mercy
  • Victory
  • Peace
  • Holy Cross
  • Mount Carmel
  • Weight Loss
  • Perpetual Succour
  • Highway
  • Rosary
  • Rocky Mtns.
  • Roses
  • New Millennium
  • Atonement
  • Grace
  • The Way
  • The Pillar
  • Bells
  • Assasins

It really, really works!

Even hundreds of years after Our Lady's personal appearances in the towns, millions of pilgrims still flock each year to Fatima and Lourdes.

Fatima even scored a personal visit by the saintly Pope John-Paul II who was sponsored by Our Lady of Fatima.

In Mexico and throughout the Americas, millions more eagerly await annual parades and festivals that celebrate Our Lady's personal appearances in Guadalupe, Mexico.

Join this exclusive cavalcade of success!

Limited time offer

For a limited time only, BVM Opportunities, Inc. offers an incredible package to help you and your town.

We'll send you Pray for It!, our exclusive prayer guide, manual, and missal available only through BVM Opportunities, Inc.

But that's not all!

If you order right now, we'll also send you not 8, but 12 Miraculous Mary medals made of high-grade holy-urethane.

Operators are standing by
Note: Personal appearances not guaranteed by BVM Opportunities, Inc. Appearances must be verified by agents of BVM Opportunities, Inc. and The Vatican. (Vatican endorsement neither expressed nor implied.)

Alternative Pilgrimage Opportunities

If a personal appearance fee isn't in your budget of faithiness, don't despair. Towns like Crawford, Texas; Cardigan, Wales; Butte, Montana; and Walsingham, England have discovered that even a remarkable painting, chapel, or statue can draw pilgrims.

Create your own pilgrimage attraction! WE TELL YOU HOW!


Sponsorship Opportunities

Our Lady proudly endorses and sponsors many things, emotions, conditions, and states of being. Among the items that have shown incredible growth since picking up sponsorship by Our Lady are Sorrows, Mercy, Weight Loss, and Victory (Stay the Course!).

Participate in this indulgence! WE TELL YOU HOW!


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