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BBQ - Austin, TX. Photo courtesy of the Texans for the Preservation of Good Eatin' Assoc.

Short for bar-b-que. Way better than clam chowder. Bar-b-que is truly a feast fit for gods that originated in the great state of Texas.

The Very First BBQEdit

A story greater than the bible, BBQ originated in 5000 B.C. (shortly after the birth of American Hero John McCain when Stephen Colbert accidentally (although he never makes mistakes) poured BBQ sauce (which was invented some time earlier in 6000-7000 B.C.) over a select group of Kosher prepared meats and slowly cooked them over good ol' American oak wood. Mind you, this was all an accident.

BBQ Through The AgesEdit

How To BBQEdit

Basic BBQ IngredientsEdit

Basic BBQ EquipmentEdit

Basic BBQ TechniqueEdit

Best Places to Get BBQEdit

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