"Avril Lavigne"
is hippie-related, and not groovy to The Baby Jesus.
Avril Lavigne
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.
Avril Lavigne
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.

Lavigne wearing Tube Socks

Avril Lavigne is a Canadian rock singer and Condoleeza Rice's competition for the hand of the Prime Minister of Canada. She is one of the most powerful Canadians, and a lot easier to look at than Neil Young. She recently pissed off a lot of Islamic people by performing in Malaysia, and for being married to her girlfriend Derek Whembly. Also Canadian who spells her name like this Deryk, Which is proof of their French influence of terrible spelling! They recently divorced and she is now married to Lou Dobbs.

Colbert ControversyEdit


Fans Obviously Showing off their Frustrations of her lack of balls

She is also know for her Fear of American Men with Balls hence her refusal to go onto The Report. Thus why she wrote the song tomorrow after seeing Steven in New York City. Was once invited to the show and was in a coma for 3 days until the evil Liberals injected her with the Republican Vaccine and Formula 401 antidote which is maple syrup. She was successfully moved from the capitol Toronto, Weloveourpot Hospital back to the Cowards Haven formally known as Holly Wood. Which her Hippie agenda of protesting the war thru redoing old hippie songs, Thus being awarded the Liberal Cowards badge of We think we have Honor.

Prime Minister of CanadaEdit

Avril lavigne the vampire

Avril Lavigne showing her fangs. She recently had them removed, but that makes her no less a Vampire. [1]

Avril Lavigne wants the Prime Minister of Canada, but so does Condi. She claims to be on the Liberal Party aka the Canadian Sex party, but they're all too high up there to properly name their political parties. With her Pro Destroying America thru Freeing Cows in Colorado via brainwashing College Students with a crappy movie Fast Food Nation. And her Pro-Complicated Agenda.

Avril said: "Many times these Mexicans cross into the US and run all the way up north and then enter British Columbia." She is currently married to Lou Dobbs.

Silly RumoursEdit

  • Some random and unpopular old band-wannabe group called Rubinoos sued Avril claiming that she used plagiarism and stole their song "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" which is utterly UNTRUE!! Avril has had her childhood influences and such from a lot of old bands/groups/singers so it might've come out from that, just naturally. But she would never purposefully steal like that.
  • Avril was NEVER a FAKE. She is a person true to her heart and that's what she makes most of her songs about. Of course, she's had her funner and more up-beat moments like in her "Girlfriend" era but that was to stretch her musical creativity and get people more into the fun mood and relax a bit. She was never a fake, man!!!

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