Australian (language)
is too Australian for the average American.

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"Australian/American Translation"
English American Phrase Say it in Australian!
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation "Auntie"
a man "bloke"
a woman "Sheila"
a friend "mate"
beer "Piss"
(using deodorant instead of taking a shower) "Pommy shower"
Sword "Knife"
Diaper "Nappy"
Gas "Petrol"
propane "Gas"
sex "root"
bong "billy" (not to be confused with Aussie campfire tea kettle of the same name)
look around "stickybeak"
Bill O'Reilly "Andrew Bolt" (see also wooly-woofter)
cigarette fag
fag "poofter"
god damnit "bloody hell"
barbeque "barbie" (not to be confused with the doll that heidi montag was destined to become.)
Quilt "doona"
Oh God! "crikey!"
Love Two meanings: 1) The normal definition of Love. 2) A common way to put down a woman Eg. "Get me a beer, love."

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