Augusto Pinochet
is a Former United States-Supported Dictator
Internationally Reviled for Acts of Genocide.
Augusto Pinochet
Is a former CIA Employee of the Month!
Keep up the good work!

Hey, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs...or killing a few dissidents.

Augusto Pinochet (b. 1916 d. 2006 lives forever in our hearts) was the deposed former dictator of Chile and a friend of The Colbert Report.

Stephen Colbert first became a fan of El Pino in 1973 during the violent coup in Chile that brought him to power. (Thanks, CIA!) He was concerned that the Communists would take over in Chile. If the Communists took over they would have suspended the constitution and civil liberties, tortured and killed thousands of civilians and plundered millions from the country's treasury. Luckily, he prevented any of that from happening.

After God called him home, he lay in state, guarded by soldiers, in Devo hats and wearing Ghostbusters proton packs, who were there presumably to capture the General's ghost as it left his body.

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