The Baby Jesus doesn't like
She's just a false goddess
but she's always making moves on The Baby Jesus' Daddy!

Athena: The goddess of Gut-Thinking and Truthiness

Athena is the goddess of The "Gut-Thinking" or as the Pagan Greeks call in their native tongue "Weisdom". Sometimes she moonlights as goddess of Warfare, but like everyone knows the Business of War is a man's job... just dont tell her I said that...

Her Gut-ThinkingEdit

Athena's Teacher's Pet: SocratesEdit

The Symposium TruthimposiumEdit

Other Gut-Thinking Breakthroughs!Edit

Her Contributions on The War on TerrorEdit

Athena's Other WarsEdit


Athena was the Original Terminatrix

War Against Poverty The PoorEdit

War On DrugsEdit

War On Gun ControlEdit

War On HippiesEdit

Athena is a Secret Lesbo and Founder of the Lezbian Feminazi Army!!Edit

External TubesEdit

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