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An astrophysicist is a physicist who works with astrons

it is the type of job that Stephen would do if his TV gig doesn't pan out.Episode #354

Who Can Become An Astrophysicist?Edit

Anyone can do it, but it takes dedication. I dropped out of high school, but managed to earn a degree in Astrophysics from U.C. Berkeley. I'm not saying it's easy, but it is possible if you're willing to work hard.

What Education Does An Astrophysicist Need?Edit

Requirements vary depending on the specific school:

-All standard General Breadth College Courses (English, Humanities, Life Science, etc)

-Linear Algebra
-Differential Equations
-Physics for Scientists & Engineers A, B & C
-Quantum Mechanics A & B
-Electrodynamics A & B
-Thermal Physics
-Classical Dynamics
-Astrophysics A & B
-Stellar Evolution
-Planetary Astronomy
-Infrared OR Optical Lab
+Upper Division Physics or Math Electives

What Do Astrophysicists Do?Edit

Anything we can imagine....for example, Time Travel.

What Special Equipment Do Astrophysicists Need?Edit

We don't need any "Special Equipment". Just point us at the universe and we'll MacGyver the rest.

Where Do Astrophysicists Work?Edit

Schools, Labs, Planetariums, Observatories, NASA & Patent Offices

How Much Money Do Astrophysicists Make?Edit

alot of money

Famous AstrophysicistsEdit