The Baby Jesus doesn't like
She's just a false goddess
but she's always making moves on The Baby Jesus' Daddy!

Artemis as a Park Ranger:
"I pledge allegiance to the birds, and the trees, and the flowers..."

Artemis is the greek goddess of hippies, park rangers, envirofreaks... and a goddess lesbo. Yet strangely enough she has a lifetime membership with "The American Hunters and Shooters Association" and likes to hunt animals and Bears for sport... on the other hand she was also responsible for the founding of "Green Peace"... mmm... we better watch this one...

Her life as a Park Ranger, Environmentalist, and Hippie Chick...Edit

...And Her Secret Life/Double Life as a Huntress and Killer of Small CrittersEdit


Artemis gets a rush hunting bears and animals...

Artemis Starts the Founding of Green PeaceEdit

( which we all know is in reality a hippie terrorist organization bend on world destruction)



In Conclusion: She is One Crazy Chick/GoddessEdit

Seriously, she really needs to get some help! Is true what they say, the gods are crazy...

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