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Art (Arsenal of libeRal propaganda T) is yet another invention of liberal hippies who wanted to distribute their perverted views to the masses. Art must be stopped!!

Types of ArtEdit


needs to be Colbertized
Please watch and take notes from
the correct episode of The Colbert Report to get it right!

I don’t know if this is Art, but I like it!

  • Bedazzler
  • Picasso
  • Art is like pornography, you can only know it, after you buy it
  • hard to know if it's offensive.
  • even cats know some of it is crap.[1] 
  • one must always cover the nibblets and hooteyah
  • God is the greatist artist.
  • outsourcing
  • coalition of the fillings
  • do twinkies qualify?

External TubesEdit

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