Hey, where the hell is
I don't care, it's not America...hey nice ass, lady!
Hello, Kitty
Hello, Armenia
Asian and very good at math.

Armenia used to be a country in The Balkans Europe where a major genocide occurred under the order of Woodrow Wilson, but the Turks deny it, or that it will occur again. It was erased so that all Armenians could move to Los Angeles, CA. And cruise their salvage title BMWs to Bob's Big Boy in Burbank to have coitus with Paris Hilton.

Totally disgusting criminals, just like Jews, but they love the Baby Jesus, so when they steal your money , they are sorry.

Armenians are easy to spot, They all drive stolen, black Nazi cars, green stains from cheap jewelry, shaved heads and cheap black leather blazers from KGB R US.

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