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Al Franken
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One of the few instances it is permissable to burn the flag.


Arianna's zombie-like gait. She needs BRAINS.

Arianna Huffington is an extreme left wing author and activist, she is also the editor of the Huffington Post, a liberal soapbox used by Hate America Firsters such as George Clooney, Bill Maher, Osama bin Laden, and Joseph Stalin.

Arianna has appeared on The Colbert Report a total of 2 times. This proves that Arianna has balls (or likes getting nailed), but judging by her remarks, not enough gut. Ms. Huffington was once married to Congressman Michael Huffington. Mr. Huffington is now bisexual, which pretty much means he's homosexual. Ms. Huffington was also a Republican, but thankfully she left the party before she turned that gay too.

Arianna is a longtime friend of American traitor Al Franken. The two have been romatically linked together for years and I remember seeing pictures of them in bed somewhere, but I can't recall...BAM! Proof that Al Franken is not gay and is actively trying to breed a master race of liberal traitors. And bears. On her second interview, Colbert nailed her on buying into the pro-bear agenda.

Gannon in underwear smelling fingers what have you been up to Jeff

What the Republican party looks like since Huffington left: Totally not Gay. Look what you're missing Arianna.


Arianna Huffington/Featured
composed at least one non-audiobook book.

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