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GWB Anointing a Jew with the light of Christ

Bush showing positive reinforcement to "one of the good ones.".

Ari Fleischer is a bald dude and so much more. Once pretending to be Bernie Williams for fear of being noticed, he is a slick son of a bitch. Was Ari Fleischer pretending to be Bernie Williams or...are they in fact the same person!? A shocking story, obviously never researched or reported by the liberal media. But let's think about it what better cover for one of the most recognized men in President Bush's early administration, than that of superstar center fielder for the Jew York Yankees, incognito indeed.

The Greatest President Ever can do a lot of things. This includes the ability to regrow hair by channeling the power of The Baby Jesus.

Making Hair GrowEdit


Ari warns Americans that they need to "watch what they say."

Clearly, President Bush can be seen using a skull tap to listen to Mr. Fleischer's thoughts.

Ari Fleischer
is one happenin' Jewish cat!
Shalom, baby!
Ari Fleischer
will one day be a fine addition
to the Greatest Corporation of All--FOX!!!

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