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The Baby Jesus isn't afraid of
He's just a false god
and The Baby Jesus' Daddy can kick his ass!
647999-ares war machine francesco mattina. super

Ares on his last year's summer vacation.

Ares is the Super Badass god of War, Explosives, and Firearms. He is a lifetime member of the NRA, and Bush's "Secret" Secretary of Defense. It was his ingenious idea to invade Iraq and bathe in the blood of the innocent and liberate them from oppression. According with History, America modeled the modern American soldier after him! (After all he founded the US Army and constructed the Pentagon to be his summer home!) Thank you god of Destruction and Destroyer of America's enemies!

Helping with the Founding of the NRAEdit

Building the PentagonEdit


Home, Sweet Home

Bringing War and Destruction to The World Profits to the American Defense IndustryEdit

CEO of America's Military Industrial ComplexEdit

Ares Present Day AmericaEdit


Ares in the modern era.

Co-founder of Blackwater USAEdit

Ares' BlackfriendsEdit

Tours of DutyEdit

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