Area 51
is one of the things they don't want you to know about.
U R Here
Animated USflag
Area 51
is one of the ways God Blessed America.
Area 51 does not exist, The Greatest President Ever said so.

Then again so did Bill Clinton who everyone knows tells nothing but lies.

Don't think about this to hard you may have thoughts.

Any sattelite images of "Area 51" were placed there by Nazi's from the USSR trying to brainwash us.

"Area 51" is also a commonly used slang term by political campaign managers to refer to registered American voters currently living outside of America. Another slang term used for Americans voting abroad is "51st State".


doesn't exist.

Area 51 LandmarksEdit

don't exist.

Area 51 Geography and ClimateEdit

doesn't exist.

Famous People From Area 51Edit

Doesn't exist

A Typical Day in Area 51Edit

doesn't exist

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