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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
is one of the ways God Blessed America.
Anwr caribou-1-

The timid caribou are terrified of the drilling

What Is The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?Edit

ANWR is a giant wildlife preserve. It is a thin crust of land floating on a giant underwater ocean of oil. A small area on the coast (area 1002) is being proposed for drilling. For size comparison, if ANWR is a football field, the drilling area is a tic-tac.

It is currently under bear control, polar bears to be specific. The liberal commies have repeatedly tried to prevent drilling for oil there. They fear the polar bears will be driven away when the oil companies come with their drills and an army of Eagles.

The caribou from Canada migrate through there. The liberals claim the caribou are frightened of oil structures. However, that is not the case

True Americans will trust the Alaskans when they tell the rest of the world that drilling in ANWR is good. It isn't really beautiful, a simple search on the internet reveals it is actually really ugly. Nothing important except the polar bears live there. Even the Natives there are begging us to go there and supply them with jobs and guns to kill the bears. Who are we to deny them? Maybe when gas prices reach $5 a gallon, the Republicans of America will triumph over the hippie democrats

How Was The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Created?Edit

God created ANWR for Americans to extract oil from it.


The proposed drilling area. Beautiful, isn't it?


What the liberals claim all of ANWR looks like

Where Is The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Located?Edit

It is the hat of Alaska. Or the hair. There is a lot of oil in it.

How Can Americans Enjoy The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?Edit

By relieving the land of its oil. It's causing discomfort. Extracting the oil will be like pooping, throwing up, or farting. Sure, there might be some negative repercusions, but it will feel awesome afterwards.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Fun FactsEdit

  • -ANWR is not all beautiful. Much of it is muddy and ugly, see picture above.
  • -Lower 48ers meddle in Alaska's politics and decisions on drilling in ANWR. Stay in your own state and out of Alaska. They don't tell you how to run Vermont, Patrick Leahy, so shut up.
  • -All Alaskans wish ANWR to be opened, even the Natives. It would give them jobs.
  • -Liberals know that if ANWR is opened, the polar bears would lose control over ANWR and their power would be greatly weakened. Perhaps enough to to drive all the polar bears onto the ice in the ocean, where Global Warming would take care of them.

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