If you work hard, you'll get ahead as an
Arabic Translator

Arabic is a tricky language, more complicated than Korean and Pig Latin combined. Two individuals that have been charged and discharged with translating it into English are Stephen Benjamin and Bleu Copas.

What Do Arabic Translators Do?Edit

Translate the words of heathens into the language of Jesus Christ, but unless it's done heterosexually, it's useless to the U.S. military.

Who Can Become An Arabic Translator?Edit

Only gay people.

What Education Does An Arabic Translator Need?Edit

Three years of modern dance. Two years of tap. (And no, watching Glee doesn't count for anything)

What Special Equipment Do Arabic Translators Need?Edit

Firm, easy to grip tools. You know what I mean? If you do, then meet me for a qualification exam in the men's washroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Where Do Arabic Translators Work?Edit

  1. Under a disco ball, with a pulsating house beat in the background.
  2. Or in a bathhouse. (The pulsating house beat in the background is a given)

How Much Money Do Arabic Translators Make?Edit

Not much. However, they get all the awesome ass-less chaps they want.

External Links? Fabulous!Edit

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