Aqua Threat Down

America has threats everywhere, not just in land but also in sea. We cannot afford being complacent against this liquid danger.

August 23, 2010Edit

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“Oh no, the Lord can’t reveal himself as a burning bush! That might release too much CO2.” God has to appear as a compact fluorescent bulb.
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~ Stephen Colbert
August 23, 2010

  • Oyster Sluts: who’s f#%king our oysters?
  • Asian Squid/Japanese Hackers: computer virus is replacing all porn with non-porn Japanese Squids pictures. Computer users demand porn files back.
  • Holy Sh#t: The Jordan River is polluted with high levels of coliform bacteria, caused by raw sewage.
  • Joowish Regulators: tree-hugging hippies that love environmental regulations more than Jesus.

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Aqua TubesEdit

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