Apple Bear is the project code name for one in a series of projects dedicated to the cyberization of bears. Similar to the iBear, these newfound weaponized technological advances of bears posses an existential threat to America and her people.

Subliminal Messages and Gutwashing Edit

The plot consist of the digital bears using mindless gutwashed computer users to post subliminal messages to gutwash other computer users. Exhibiting the nature of a viral meme, the subliminal message consisted of pictures of a polar bear trying to bite apples encased in a block of ice as well as a a line that reads "im gonna post this everyday till you like this". Through the repeating repetition of repeated repeats as repeat repetization with repeatingly repetitional repetics, the digital bears' line wear down the mental defenses of the human mind. Then the illogical untruthy nature of the depiction of the image mindf'ck the viewer. After the mindrape at the sight of the image, the human mind crashes and the gut is exposed. The digital bears then gutwashed the humans with questions like "how does a polar bear know what apples is?" At the end of the gutwash, the human can do nothing but repeat "Is it can it be apples tie now plees?"

Treatment Edit

The only known treatment to the Apple Bear's gutwashing is to expose the affected person to The Colbert Report. Only Dr. Colbert psychotherapy with ample amount of truthiness can counteract it.

Development of a Vaccine Edit

Prescott Pharmaceuticals is actively developing a defense against Apple Bear.

Ties Edit

Whistle blowers, working at Apple Inc., revealed that Apple Computers were used to digitized the bears. Apple Inc. has denied its involvement in the creation of the digital bears.

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