Rocky Balboa's black friend.
Apollo creed

Despite the size of his package, Apollo is always ready to rumble.

The Early Years Edit

Apollo was adopted at birth by NASA and was trained to be the ultimate astronaut. He excelled beyond all expectations. It became clear that a space shuttle would not be able to contain his might, so he was unleashed upon the world of professional boxing.

It is widely believed that he was slated to be on Apollo 18, but the program was cancelled.

Professional Career Edit

His professional career was ended after losing his championship to Rocky Balboa.

Post Career Edit

After Rocky's trainer was killed watching Rocky get beat up, Apollo put aside his anger and became Rocky's black friend and trainer.

After training Rocky, Apollo was killed by a russian boxer / alien hunter. Apollo's death marked both the end of the space program, and the beginning of Rocky's one man war against communism.

See AlsoEdit

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