The Baby Jesus isn't afraid of
He's just a false god
and The Baby Jesus' Daddy can kick his ass!
Baywatch l

The bronze god Apollo knows what the ladies like… but he is still no Stephen Colbert…

Apollo is the greek god of summer vacations, the beach, beach tanning, lifeguards, Socialized Medicine, cosmonauts, hippie solar power, and douchebags with guitars. He once guest starred on Baywatch.

Apollo's Socialized MedicineEdit

His Douchebagery Hippie MusicEdit

The Apollo 13th MassacreEdit

Apollo's Solar Power SchemesEdit

(Quick Tip: Apollos weakness is clouds... wuss...)

Solar power molten salt

So, once again…
How exactly is this thing suppose to power America again?…

Apollo Retires: Becomes a Beach God and LifeguardEdit

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