An Anti-Potential-Islamic-Fasco-Terrorist Trap (or APIFTT for short) is a trap made by conservatives used to catch Potential-Islamic-Fasco-Terrorists (PIFT). The trap is usually a large box made of Cardboard (usually a refrigerator box) or Aluminum (can be fashioned from excess Aluminum Siding). The box is then placed so that it is balanced on one edge, while the opposite edge is precariously balanced on a trigger mechanism, usually a stick. Attached to the stick is a string that the Hero can pull from a discrete location nearby (A bush, or other shrub). Once the string is pulled, the box then falls and captures whatever PIFT happends to be standing inside it when it was triggered.

Potential BaitEdit

To ensure that PIFTs will be drawn to your APIFTT, a variety of bait can be used:

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