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Anthony Pellicano used to be known as the 'Private Investigator to the Stars' until he was indicted on 100 counts of racketeering and some other crime.

Stephen called him a few times in the nineties.

Pellicano was the subject of the second Mini Threat Down.

Stephen's Calls To PellicanoEdit

June 2, 1999Edit

PELLICANO ANSWERING MACHINE: This is Pellicano, spill it.

COLBERT: Tony. Colbert. This is it. I had a great report on Bigfoot and Jon bumped it from the show 'cause he says 12 minutes is too long. I cannot handle it any more. I want him taken out! Do you hear me? TAKE HIM OUT!

June 3, 1999Edit

COLBERT: Hey, uh, it's – it's Colbert again, listen, uh, boy, hoo, I was really angry when I called you last night... um, look I spoke a little hastily, so uh, please do not – if you haven't already, uh take Jon out. Thanks! Sorry.

June 4, 1999Edit

COLBERT: Stewart thinks he's so high and mighty. He doesn't have to say hi to me in the halls? You take him down a peg! Permanently. Do you catch my drift?

June 5, 1999Edit

COLBERT: Hey, um, it's Stephen. Oh boy, I am sorry, I was pretty drunk last night. Look, um, just for safety's sake? Let's have a code word. If I say the word 'buffalo' that means I'm serious, but if not it means I'm just angry or drunk or something but I don't really want you to hurt Jon. OK? Thanks, bye.

June 6, 1999Edit

COLBERT: Buffalo! Buffalo buffalo buffalo!

June 7, 1999Edit

COLBERT: Hey. Hi Tony. Listen, we need to come up with a new code word...

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