Anonymous Shell Corporation
brings Wealth and Prosperity to Americans and
The Free Market
America thanks you, Anonymous Shell Corporation
endorses Anonymous Shell Corporation
and will wait for those secret donations in the mail.

Anonymous Shell Corporation (Delaware shell corporation)

Anonymous Shell Corporation is a Real American company with a long and rich history that was created sometime last week. Thanks to a loophole, Anonymous Shell Corporation is a 501(c)(4) organization and it is paving the future for a better tomorrow, tomorrow. The company is registered in Delaware and it is a sister corporation to ColbertSuperPAC SHH!


Like Iraq, this page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
And also, like Iraq, may always be under construction.
Thank you for your patience, and children.

No way in hell I am wasting my time filling out this page with truthiness. Besides, it's doing its job already.

Anonymous Shell Corporation
Icon-round-Question mark
President: Stephen Colbert
Secretary: Stephen Colbert
Treasurer: Stephen Colbert
Lawyer: Trevor Potter
Biggest Donor: REDACTED
Location: Delaware, America
Official Motto: SHH!
Formation: 2011
Purpose/focus: Educational entity about how gay people causes earthquakes.
Work Force: 1
Wealth Scale: $$$
Political Affiliation: ColbertSuperPAC SHH!
Fun Fact # 1: You want to know more about us? Wait six months after the election.
Fun Fact # 2:
Fun Fact # 3:

Board of DirectorsEdit

  • Stephen Colbert, elected unanimously.


To give all of their hard earned money to ColbertSuperPAC and educated the masses about how gay people causes earthquakes.

Stephen Colbert's Sugar DaddyEdit

  • [REDACTED]: This sugar daddy has some temper issues with the NBA and likes to show off his big trophy to the public.

See AlsoEdit

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