Al Franken
Anne Barth has earned
"Anne Barth"
is hippie-related, and not groovy to The Baby Jesus.

Anne Barth is another uppity liberal out to steal a district from Jesus' Party.

Anne, if that's her real name was (or is she still on the payroll!?) Senator Byrd's chief of staff, is now campaigning to steal West Virginia's Fightin' Second from an American!

There are only a few things people need to know about her to know why she doesn't deserve their vote:

  1. she's a chick
  2. she's running against a Republican.

Anne drugged out like all hippies.

What She Stands ForEdit

In the name of factiness and fair and balancedness, will provide some space in this tube to Barth's "positions" (ha!)

On IraqEdit

Barth is against Iraq and doesn't believe in the war. She is misinformed. Iraq does exist and has every right to do so. War also exists, so she is wrong as well as misguided.

On National SecurityEdit

Barth wants to sell America's security to the Chinese!

On EducationEdit

Barth hates The Baby Jesus and wants no one else to love Him. She claims there are other books besides The Bible

On Health CareEdit

Barth says nothing about health care almost as if she hates healthy Americans! Why do you hate America?

On Jobs And The EconomyEdit

Barth is only concerned about her own job and hates America's economy.

Need proof?

She's a liberal!

On Budget And Tax FairnessEdit

Barth is just like all chicks (except Sarah Palin). She just wants to buy shoes at the mall where she can gossip with her girlfriends and eat bad Chinese food.

On EnergyEdit

Barth has an Arab son! Would you vote for someone with an Saudi son!? Press one for "no", two for "Heavens no!".

On VeteransEdit

The only thing Barth hates more than America's troops is American veterans. She hates them so much!

On 2nd AmendmentsEdit

But not more than she hates America's guns. Barth is a liberal and hippie, whose values stem from cutting out Our Heavenly Father's small print in the Constitution.

Leaving Americans paying 80% in taxes, socializing everything, eating only dirt and twigs, oh, and the worst part: taking our guns!

External TubesEdit

  • Anne Barth's Issues Page, where she bitches about stuff that piss her off. It's like a blog, without the big audience.
  • Click here if you want to throw away your money! Go ahead, see if Jesus will welcome you to His embrace once we all get raptured!

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