Ann Banaszewski
is a "Certified Chick!"
You Go Girl!

Not Guilty! Eat it, Hilton!

Ann Banaszewski is the daughter of Antonin Scalia.

She was framed on February 12, 2007 while driving her children around town helping America's economy.

An activist policeman pulled her over and threw a Mel Gibson's worth of charges at her without provocation, including: child endangerment and drunk driving.

After being blindfolded and shipped off to Gitmo, Ms. Banaszewski was interrogated for weeks without a break when a normal judge got wind of her case and released her due to lack of evidence.

Despite the cruel treatment she endured for what was nothing more than a mother providing her beloved children sustinence, Ms. Banaszewski has no ill-feeling toward any of the law enforcement or court officials involved and wishes everyone well.

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