Andy Schlafly
is an American Man of God!!!
Despite what you may have heard
Andy Schlafly
Is totally not gay!

Andy, left, and his brother, Roger, right.

Andy Schlafly is possibly the greatest scholar of human history and the lies of evolution. Mr. Schlafly presently runs Eagle Forum University and the Conservative Encyclopedia. His pro-family education and activism protects America from "safe sex" liberals and sodomites.


In 2007, Andy got a haircut while waiting for a flight to Europe. What Andy didn't know was that the cosmotologist who normally provided haircuts to the rich and famous had his job outsourced to an an illegal alien.

The illegal alien haircutting shop was a front for Al Qaeda's bioterrorism unit and took over the "salon" in order to introduce a virulent form of tuberculosis into America!

Conservapedia InvestorsEdit

Likely to be the Internets' next big thing, investors are rushing to finance this godsend of knowledge and factiness. Some have reported that the Wall Street Journal is about to release an investigation that shows Erik Prince himself has invested heavily in Conservapedia stock.


  • He recently changed his name to Andy Jesus Christ God Schlafly

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External SourcesEdit

  • talk origins or just read Andy and his brother Roger's expert commentary
  • Pro-Family views provided by Andy in protecting teen girls from the sex they would have if vaccinated

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