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Andrew Carnegie
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

The Blue Collar American Andy was, he built a library with his own 2 bare hands


Andrew (Bionic Beard Man) Carnegie (November 25, 1835 – August 11, 1919) was a Scottish-born American industrialist, businessman, and a major philanthropist(or whatever loose change he had in his pocket at the time). He built Pittsburgh's Carnegie Steel Company, which was later merged with Elbert H. Gary's Federal Steel Company and several smaller companies to create U.S. Steel. Carnegie paid his employees low wages a good american paycheck typical of the time. He is often regarded as the second richest man in history. By the 1860s, he had investments in railroads, railroad sleeping cars, bridges and oil derricks. He built further wealth as a bond salesman raising money for American enterprise in Europe.(Basically he's role model for every Haverd Business Grad)

1892: Homestead StrikeEdit


Andy was not harsh on his workers, he just had a firm hand. You have to show your workers a little fire in the belly to get respect

Back in the early 20th century, people were kinda lazy. Luckly, Ole Andy had a few tricks up his sleeves. He happened to be born with an irregular Bionic beard. When the strike went down, he did the most noble thing by protecting his industry and hurling steels beams at workers demanding fair wages money he didn't have.

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