Andrea Mackris was a producer at Fox News until she sued Bill O'Reilly for sexual harassment.

Bill O'Reilly, The Stallion Edit

The allegations include the following:

  • Mackris claims that O'Reilly coached her through the purchase of a vibrator. She quoted him as stating "She should think of it as a new friend"
  • Mackris states that while O'Reilly seduced her over the phone, that he pleasured himself with his own dildo, and that the dildo was penetrating as he called it, "The Inside Edition".
  • Mackris claims that during one of her many sexual phone encounters with O'Reilly, he illustrated for a scenario in which he would loofa her stomach and massage one of her boobs simultaneously.
  • Mackris alleges that O'Reilly called again in April after her boss at CNN was terminated - for sexual harassment - and suggested they have rabid butt sex.
  • Mackris states that O'Reilly boasted about bringing a woman to "her first orgasm ... as he spoke to her on the telephone." O'Reilly also allegedly recounted a story about a massage he got in Bali from a "little short brown woman."
  • Mackris recounted a conversation which transpired thusly:
"Just use your vibrator to blow off steam."
"What, you've got a vibrator, don't you? Every girl does."

Andrea Mackris says she insisted she did not, and shot back, "Does your wife?" "Yes, in fact she does," O'Reilly replied, according to court papers. "She'd kill me if she knew I was telling you."

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