Andre Bauer
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Despite what you may have heard
Andre Bauer
Is totally not racist!

Andre Bauer is the Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina, and Mark Sanford's right hand (he is too polite to ask what the left one is doing). He is currently in the running to take Sanford's place as Governor, and will surely bring Glory back to Dixie. He is full of good ol' fashioned Southern wisdom that he learned from his granny, especially the fine art of keeping coons... er, I mean, varmints out of the dumpster that is the welfare system. He said varmints, people, not "coons". Not that he has anything anthing against varmints, mind you. Some of his best friends are varmints.


Mr. Bauer supports using hunger as a motivator to teach undesirables and starving children that Government hand outs are the lazy-man's excuse to perpetuate socialist ideology. You want food? Get a job commies!

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