András Simonyi
is a friend an acquaintance of "The Colbert Report"
The Report has no friends...
MC Rove says,
"You can't touch
András Simonyi!"
Ambassador of Shred

Simonyi says: The Rock shall set you free!

András Simonyi is a rock and blues-trained Hungarian musician. To make ends meet until he goes platinum, he works in Washington D.C. as the Hungarian Ambassador to the United States of America.

Diplomatic Relations with The Colbert NationEdit

Smoking jacket

A smoking jacket, yet another one of His Excellency's gifts bestowed upon Stephen.


András busting tasty licks on the eagle-headed guitar.


The baddest gift ever!

He has appeared twice on The Colbert Report, on September 14th, 2006 to announce that Stephen had won the competition to have a bridge in Hungary named after him, and then on April 10, 2007 to personally accept Stephen's apology to all of Hungary's Hungarians for racially insensitive comments uttered on Stephen's radio program Colbert on the ERT (midnight to 3AM weeknights following The Report).

In exchange for the apology, András presented Stephen with an eagle-headed guitar, crafted in Budapest by the Benedek Brothers.

Rockin' in the Free WorldEdit

"He helped bring down the Berlin Wall with only a Strat, a Marshall stack, and the audacity of his tunes. Rock on, young man."
~ Ronald Reagan's Ghost

In Soviet Hungary, Danube Crosses You!Edit

Legends foretold of a child: to come from Budapest, in the land of the Magyars; of this world, but by otherwordly ability possessed. That child was found to be Harry Houdini.

Seventy-eight years later, András Simonyi arrives, and just in the nick of time. Learning how to rock on a guitar crafted from old Nazi-era tanks while still in his diapers, a two year old András managed to stop Soviet tanks from demolishing his neighborhood with his savage sound. Thus, a new legend was born.

Part-time Diplomat, Full Time RockerEdit

András Simonyi is officially styled "His Excellency," not for anything to do with his diplomatic status, but for the fact that is a most excellent high-power rock machine. He is the leader of the baddest garage band in Washington D.C., aptly named "Coalition of the Willing." Practice time can be scarce as one of his bandmates is busy trying to repair Korea, and the other four are even busier trying to figure out how to blow it up. Their first tour across the U.S. is titled "Def To America," and it is staged to raise funds to cure feline AIDS. If they are successful, they will go on a second tour to battle the Monsterz of Terror in a fanciful display of Guitarmageddon. Their first album, "The Coalition of the Thrilling," will be in stores January 20, 2009.

Hungarian Ambassador András Simonyi's Five Favorite Rock RecordsEdit

1. Last Exit, by Traffic, 1969
2. Johnny Winter, by Johnny Winter, 1969
3. Disraeli Gears, by Cream, 1967
4. Family Entertainment, by Family (a British folk/rock group), 1969
5. Ginger Baker's Air Force, by Ginger Baker's Air Force, 1970

From USA Today November 6, 2003

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