The Baby Satan has a special place in hell for
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!
Al Franken
Anarchist has earned

Would you trust this man?

Anarchists are more often than not selfish shit bags who want rules for everyone but themselves.

Some also live in small shacks out in the woods writing "manifestos" on typewriters with a misaligned t.

Unamerican jibber-jabberEdit


Typical anarchist protesting the 1999 Seattle WTO meeting. Get a haircut commie!!!

Head bangers like Noam Chomsky and The Sex Pistols try to manipulate young minds by telling them to listen to bad music that no one understands and revolt against "the system" that creates jobs and makes the world a better place. These people need to be stopped at "any means necessary" due to threat they pose on our democracy. If you see an anarchist or someone suspicious, contact Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, and/or Steven himself and the issue will be solved.

Spain was a painEdit

Woman cnt-fai flag

Stand down Commrade!!! Your little game is up!!

Despite whatever you hear from Howard Zinn, or George Orwell in "Homage to Catalonia", Spain was a tragedy in the 30's. Factories were closed, Unemployment shot up, and everyone was a UNIBOMBER. Luckily, Franco made everything better.

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